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This scheme of work has been written to provide primary school teachers with guidance on how to deliver the Year 3 objectives for the KS2 Framework for Languages.  The learning objectives are suitable not only for Y3 pupils, however, but for first year language learners across the KS2 age group.   As well as providing suggestions of many free downloadable resources, this scheme of work makes reference to PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, flashcards and photocopiable OHTs that have been tailor made to support its lesson content.

Year 3 Framework for Languages

The objectives in the scheme of work apply to KS2 learners in their first year of learning a language. Schools should acquire a hard copy of the Framework to keep in a central resources area in school in order to ensure that teachers have the opportunity to become familiar with objectives and understand how the KS2 learner will progress in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.